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are headed, the united states is headed into military action considering what we know about the red line, if you will, that hillary clinton laid out pretty clearly? >> it was very important for her to draw a very clear line. because any use of chemical weapons has to be responded to internationally. i'm sure the secretary of state is immersed with russia right now, is in negotiations with russia for a united front against this absolutely unacceptable possibility. >> okay. so she's laid that out. but then the next step, of course, if, in fact, they're putting together the components that create sarin gas and they're leading these into weapons, are we going to war insider to stop this? the united states. >> i think that the u.s. is going to be laying out a series of actions in partnership with some other states that will be taken, should they use these chemical weapons. and it is my hope and i think the hope of everyone on this planet that a fierce and united international response will ensure that syria does not actually consider using these weapons. >> let's talk about the fiscal cliff.
weapons. it takes a year to get a bolt action long rifle there. yet they has the worst record than we have here in the united states, even with this attack. so i -- >> i don't see how any of that brings you to the decision that the answer is to get rid of gun laws. the other question i would ask you -- >> because they serve as a magnet for these attacks. >> or -- or a rational person could say -- or a rational person could say that having access to a high-powered semiautomatic rifle is inappropriate. that there is no reason to go deer hunting with that, no reason to have access to that. that's the connection that these killers have access to those weapons. let me ask you another question. >> no, i want to answer that that you just said. no, i don't argue second amendment. i argue crime. that's what i do. i want to answer your question here. these guns are just like any hunting rifle. the inside guts, they fire one bullet. in fact, bushmaster gun there is -- would be the equivalent of a rifle that would be used for hunting very small game, like squirrels. it looks different on the outside,
, actions that we as a firm can take." they are trying to sell the company that makes the bushmaster. the california teachers retirement system, their spokesman out this morning with a statement. there are a lot of products that can be used responsibly or irresponsibly. in this case it was used irresponsibly. now that a tragic event like this has occurred, it's something we will discuss going forward. what they will discuss, whether it's appropriate for a teachers pension to be invested in a company that makes semi automatic weapons and a product that was used to kill teachers and students. soledad. >> yeah, i sympathy anybody who is investing money anywhere one would think would want to go back and examine not just weapons and not just this particular incident. what is your money in? what are you literally supporting? that's a very good question. christine romans, thanks, christine. >>> kids in newtown go back to school, how can parents and teachers help teachers feel safe? after such a violent episode. steve perry, capital prep magnate school, will join us up next. we leave you wit
, $1.1 billion to settle a class action suit over sudden acceleration issues. under the deal toyota will install a brake override system in effective cars. it will also set up a fund of $250 million for former toyota owners who sold their cars from september of 2009 through all of 2010. that money would compensate owners for their car's reduced value because of bad publicity. also toyota's attorneys say a separate fund of $250 million will be set up to compensate current owners whose cars aren't eligible for the brake override system. >>> late senator daniel inouye's successor will be sworn in later today. hawaii governor kneel abercrombie appointed his lieutenant governor, brian schatz to fill the seat. a white house official says he's actually flying to d.c. with president obama. abercrombie wa widely expected to appoint a congresswoman to take over before he died. inouye named her as his preferred successor. >>> supreme court justice sonia sotomayor refusing to block the contraceptives mandate in president obama's health care law. let me explain this. two companies, hobby lobby a
to seize this moment. that's why senator feinstein and i have moved ahead forcefully action even during this period of mourning, because we need to bring together the movement in the community, which is articulated by newtown united. i met with them in my office in washington and then again last night in newtown. and i think that we are at a historic moment. >> how will we know? what will we know if it's different? at what point can citizens say it's taking too long or the nra is slow walking this stuff again? it seems to me every time we say it's going to be different also, that's another similarity. >> we had that same conversation after columbine, which i covered. we had that same conversation after aurora and all the other ones in between. same conversation. >> remember that the first gun assault law, assault weapons law took five years to pass. it was first proposed in 1989 after the stockton shooting and senators metzenbound and feinstein worked on it five years. i'm determined, i'm committed. but the president is absolutely right, that the american people have to stand up. i'll t
getting a lot more pressure to come up with some action points in the wake of the massive shooting. >> it seems to me that the nra is also feeling the pressure to come up with some action points in the wake of the shooting as well. haven't been clear on what they will do. but they have promised an announcement, right? >> that's right. first of all, they have been relatively silent throughout the debate and came out with a statement yesterday, saying their membership was shocked and horrified by what took place, and they are also planning this press conference, which will take place on friday. they are calling this a major press conference, so we'll wait to find out what the details are as they roll out what potentially they could add to this debate to prevent another mass shooting. >> dan lothian, thank you. appreciate the update. john berman with a look at stories making news today. good morning. >> weather to worry about right now. holiday travelers, be ware. a massive winter storm from colorado to upper great lakes, expected to cause dangerous blizzard or near-blizzard condition
by the united states. it would prompt action by the u.s. one official told cnn that there had been quote worrying signs of activity in syria over the last few days. i want to get to our panel this morning talk a little bit about that. barbara starr is cnn's pentagon correspondent. w. bell, a comedian who's the host of totally biased, and u.s. congresswoman ann hayworth is with us as well. barbara, what are the worrying signs? >> what our sources are telling us, soledad, last couple of days there have been new intelligence that the syrians are now moving their chemical weapons around in a very different way. not just consolidating for security purposes, but potentially moving them in a way that indicates they might be getting ready to use them. what do we mean by that? likelihood is what they're doing is using some of the chemical material closer or to the artillery shell dis --- >> separately -- to the actual weapons it's an indication you might be bringing them together. >> why else would you be doing that? and it is a massive concern right now. >> that has to be a major concern obvious
. >>> dash cam individual of police intuition and action. officer pull over a car for an expired plate and hear something coming from the truck. they discovered 22-year-old shawn bloomer. the gas station clerk had been kidnapped and stuffed into the trunk. the incident happened in august but this video is only now being released. two men and a woman who were in the car are charged with robbery, kidnapping and wanton endangerme endangerment. >> oh, my gosh. >> is true there. >> work at a convenience store. >> the hospital where catherine, duchess of cambridge is staying, is reviewing its procedures after admitting it fell for a prank call. two australian deejays were able to get an update on her condition. can you believe it? claiming to be the queen and prince philip. the duchess of cambridge is said to be feeling better but she isn't out of the hospital. prince william spending hours at her bedside as she recovers from what the palace says is extreme morning sickness. their laws are not strong out there. >> how are you doing? >> that's a good impression. >> you sound just like -- >> o
over in the senate waiting for action for months. so we know that our constituents are frustrated. we're a little bit frustrated, too, and we are hopeful that the president will come forward, talk about some spending cuts, you know? everyone says, look at e erskine-bowles and alan simpson, they say you have to deal with the spending and we're hopeful we're going to get some action on that issue. >> technically he doesn't. what's going to happen because of the expiration that would eventually raise taxes on the middle class, i think especially for republicans who look sort of certainly in polling that they'd be holding the bag on this, democrats could wait the clock out because what happens on that day, taxes go up for everybody and republicans will look like they're the people who blocked, who have supported raising taxes on the middle class which is one of those things that will get you unelected pretty darned fast. so technically you don't have to solve the spending thing right at this moment, right? >> no. the president's plan would generate eight days of revenue so you're going to
.s. troops to help the country defend against any u.s. action by syria. the move was expected as the rebellion destabilizes or begins to destabilize the assad regime. nick paton walsh has the latest for us. nick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 400 u.s. troops expected to be on the ground, but this contribution of three total member nations, germany expected to begin ratifying its deployment of two patriot batteries, the netherlands as well. let me give you the back story. the past two months we have seen exchanges, syrian army accused of firing into turkey. turkey returning fire. that sense of host tillity and volatility on the border leading them to ask nato for help and patriots coming here at this point. expected to be used mostly in the event of missiles being fired and have the ability to take down aircraft as well. we heard from u.s. secretary of defense leon panetta, that the u.s. does have a plan in the event that they see the assad regime use or prepare to use chemical weapons. not clear if patriots will be involved in that. but right now, in the very volati
: it's honestly very unclear, drew, if something is going to happen. obviously we will see some actions to try to avert the fiscal cliff. president obama cutting his vacation in hawaii almost two weeks short to head back as the senate and the house reconvene and we are looking to the senate, where senate majority leader harry reid will be trying to put together a bill that can get some republican support in the senate but also and more importantly some republican support in the house, where obviously we saw negotiations fall apart with president obama last week, so we're waiting for this proposal to see kind of what shape it takes. the white house wants those bush era tax cuts on the first quarter million dollars of earnings to be preserved, that's what the white house has been pushing. it's unclear if that is going to be the proposal that harry reid puts out, if maybe it will go higher in order to get some republican support. we don't know at this point and we understand talking to sources, to democratic sources, drew, that even though the senate is reconvening on thursday, it may be a
action is not a viable, feasible responsible option. chuck hagel is not a viable, feasible option. >> the white house has not put out a nomination, but you are beginning see reaction from the hill. over the weekend, some very key senators spoke out about chuck hagel. >> i would have some really serious questions to ask him, not just about israel, but to me the most significant foreign policy challenge for president obama in our country and the world in the next year or two is iran and the nuclear weapons program. chuck hagel has had some outlying votes on that. >> i don't think he will get many republican votes. i like chuck, but his positions i didn't frankly know all of them, are really out of the mainstream and well to the left of the president. >> so on iran, hagel cast some votes not supporting iranian sanctions. on israel, these marks that he's made in the past, coming back to haunt him now. we'll have on-to-see in coming days if it becomes the fact that hagel is white house nominee. >> such an odd situation. the whole idea of nominating hagel it would be a bipartisan choice
from the bolt action rifles. >> he says it's because they are easy to shoot, have a high magazine capacity. statement reason why the military uses these types of firearms, the reason why consumers like them as well. the second most preferred gun on of mexican drug cartels as well. gun owners expect tougher gun laws on what has been the very fast growing part of the market. some of the major retailers that have taken them off the website aren't advertising them anymore, they are also selling out. >> taking them off the website. >> taken the advertising off, but they are still selling them in the store. gun enthusiasts are going and buying them up. >> thank you, christine. >>> still ahead on "starting point," the gop implodes over plan b. just days until we go over the fiscal cliff. dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz will join us to talk about whether it's possible if democrats and republicans can get together and negotiate. >>> potential terror alert because of the movie "zero dark thirty" why some worry it will spark extremists to act, ahead. while a body in motion tends to stay i
. >> instagram is hit with what could be the first class action lawsuit over anger at its new terms of service. in a proposed class action suit filed in san francisco, a california instagram user accused the photo-sharing site of bach of access. it was suggested they would now have the right to sell your photos for use in ads without compensation. instagram's founder backtracked on that later after a massive backlash. >>> in the wake of the newtown massacre, a newspaper in upstate new york has actually published the names and addresses of all handgun permit holders in westchester and rockland counties. privacy advocates are now fuming at the journal news. the newspaper editor says it doesn't mean that there's a gun at that location but that someone there is licensed to have a gun. an interesting decision to do that. i'm not so sure that it was the right decision, no matter where you stand on the gun debate, but it's an interesting one. >> really is. >> one to talk about. >> it is. the classic push and pull between privacy which is very real, privacy rights and the desire for transparency, espe
. what does it mean for u.s. action? we'll talk to chad sweet. he's the former director of operations with the cia to update us. >>> and president clinton and first lady michelle obama competing for votes for an award. >>> and business news. >> big day. jobs report. we're awaiting for the monthly jobs report in a couple hours. we'll find out what it means for the health of our economy later this morning. you're watching "starting point." the all-new cadillac ats to test the 2.0-liter turbo engine. [ engine revs ] ♪ [ derek ] 272 horsepower. the lightest in its class. the cadillac ats outmatches the bmw 3 series. i cannot believe i have ended the day not scraping some red paint off on these barriers. ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new cadillac ats. to the number 1 club in the world. the potential of manchester united unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. [ ding! ] losing your chex mix too easily? time to deploy the boring-popcorn decoy bucket. then no one will want to steal the deliciousness. with a variety of tastes and textures only chex mix is a bag of interest
's a flow, it's action. >> so your brain can grow. >> your brain is constantly adapting, so it's rewiring itself, the chemistry is changing, the genetics are changing every moment in response to the world around you and in response to your own mind. >> if you want to improve your brain, is it really as simple as read and learn an trumt, that kind instrument, that thing that helps you grow your brain. >> anything new, you make new synapses and connections. when you learn something new you strengthen what you already know and the more synapses you have the better off you are as you age. >> books, television, music or combination. >> combination as long it's new. watching reruns of gilligan's island won't do it unless there was some part you missed skipper said and it was new but it has to be new. >> how about what you eat. how does your diet and your exercise play a role in your brain function? >> well, exercise in particular causes new nerve cells to actually be born. so many people think you don't get any new nerve cells. your mom tells thaw when you go to the pub but when you exercise in
are certainly planning to take action if that eventuality were to occur. first of all, what do you think that means, specifically? and, and what should it mean? >> i think it means that it's a red line for americans and the world. if that were to happen then i would expect some form of very tough military response. >> which would be what? >> i think it would be unlikely to speculate and specify right now and that's why she's being cautious in what she said. but up to now, what the west has been doing is giving some political support to the syrian opposition, obviously trying to resolve the situation as far as is possible. it's not been possible so far. >> and every day 100 people die or more. >> there are a lot of people dying. now the death toll probably would be around 40,000 since this began. that's a large number of people. but if there were any sense at all that assad was going to use chemical weapons or did use chemical weapons against his own people, i would expect a very tough response that would be military. >> do you know him? i mean is he the kind of person who, in fact, would
how the action unfolds. >> allison kosik in lansing, michigan. where we expect huge protests over the next few days. >>> else where after taking a lot of heat for a hateful rap against u.s. soldiers, psy with the hit gangam style was spotted shaking hands with president obama over the weekend. psy performed at an event, and he apologized for the concert where he rapped with slowly and painfully killing u.s. military members and their families. a decade later he's a star and people are going through all that video. >> the lyrics on that, interesting. >>> still ahead on "starting point," governor chris christie could have a challenger when his term is up. we'll talk about cory booker about the growing buzz surrounding his political future and she is america's golden girl. gabby douglas will join us later this hour. will tell us how she almost quit right before the olympics. frustrated. wanted to give up her sport and go work at chick-fil-a. hopefully she'll bring her mom in. her mom has been a big help in her life. we'll talk about that. >>> businesswise, what's happening? >> fedex
this happened as a result they say of that concussion, and they will determine if any further action is required. so it's really, you know, watch, wait, observe, and see how she's doing. this has kind of grown. remember, you know, the flu, then that leads to a conclusion and now this. so they want to be very, very careful, and as you as a doctor, sanjay know, when the secretary travels a lot. the blood clots can be very dangerous for anyone. we don't know where that blood clot is, that could be a very significant issue. in fact, her travel was on hold until the middle of the month. benghazi hearings, she will be many coing back this week. looking forward to work and ready to testify up on capitol hill. so all of that will be on hold obviously until they figure out what's going on. >> keep us posted for certain. we expect the best. back in 1998 she call it a blood clot and called it one of the scariest mediciedical experienc her life. >> if you had one before, you are at higher risk, and if you travel a lot, the blood flow may be compressed, benning your legs like that, and with the concussion, o
is the bono effect since the '90s, they're more likely to create their own institutions and take direct action, matthew mcconaughey yesterday, eva longoria today. that would not be bogart and mccall. there's more stepping into the spotlight. >> they use that fame for something good. >> i'm born and raised in texas and what's critically important for latinos in america is to have the sophisticated political infrastructure. she's involved in terms of fund-raising when it comes to candidates because when they had the huge rallies several years ago part of the problem was you had boots on the ground but didn't have the political infrastructure to make that reality. >> and we've seen the deep hollywood and charitable knowledge. what did you take out of that? >> i took out of the fact yesterday matthew mcconaughey was shirtless and the last thing eva longoria said i'd give the shirt off my back. i think it's time to get paid. the end point is next on. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curl
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)